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About the Project

In 2022, a Telehealth startup company asked for me to design their User Interface for their mobile app. This application was designed to simplify and improve healthcare access for both patients and doctors. This case study focuses on the user flow for patients booking appointments and doctors managing their schedules and appointments effectively.



First Time User Sign Up Flow

In crafting the sign-up journey, my goal was to create a streamlined process, recognizing the potential intimidation and frustration users might feel. To address this, I curated a concise, three-step sign-up experience—comprising 'Patient’s Basic Information', 'Patient’s Insurance Information', and 'Payment Information'.

Upon successful sign-up, users are greeted with an uncluttered and intuitive landing page featuring prominent calls-to-action, guiding them seamlessly towards the option to 'Book an Appointment'.


Booking an Appointment 

  • Finding a Doctor: Intuitive search capabilities facilitate users in identifying appropriate healthcare professionals based on their specialized areas. Returning patients have the option to specifically search for a doctor with whom they have established a connection.
  • Selecting a Time Slot: Upon locating the desired doctor, users are directed to the doctor's profile, presenting a comprehensive view of the doctor's biography, reviews, location, and availability. An interactive calendar view empowers patients to choose preferred appointment slots in alignment with the doctor's schedule.
  • Entering Details: Before confirming the appointment, users are prompted to choose the appointment type, whether in-person or virtual. Subsequently, they have the option to articulate the reason for their visit.
  • Confirmation and Notifications: Upon successful booking, users instantly receive confirmation of their scheduled appointment. The upcoming appointment is prominently displayed on their home dashboard. Prior to the scheduled appointment, patients have the ability to communicate with the doctor if necessary.



Dashboard View:

  • Overview: Doctors are presented with a comprehensive dashboard showing upcoming appointments, pending requests, and their overall schedule.
  • Calendar View: An intuitive calendar interface with a clear display of appointment slots, patient quick details, and reason for visit.

Managing Appointments:

  • Appointment Details: Detailed view of patient information, reason for visit, and medical history 
  • (Accept/Reschedule/Cancel: Options to accept, reschedule, or cancel appointments with ease. Integrated communication channels to notify patients.
  • Quick Access to Patient Records: Direct links to patient profiles or electronic health records (EHR) for quick reference during consultations.



UI Designs created in 2022

Nicole Hernandez



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