Chicago Artist Guide Sign Up Flow

Streamlining User Onboarding: Redefining the Chicago Artist Guide Sign-Up Experience


Chicago Artist Guide (CAG) is a platform connecting local artists with theaters for various performances. The previous sign-up flow consisted of 13 steps, requiring users to fill out extensive information before accessing the platform. However, after receiving feedback from users regarding the tediousness of the process, a redesign was initiated to streamline the sign-up flow while still capturing essential information.


The primary goal of the redesign was to simplify the sign-up process to improve user experience and increase user retention. This involved reducing the number of steps required to complete the sign-up while ensuring that the necessary information for the artist-to-theater matching feature remained intact.

Research & Analysis

1. User Feedback

Users expressed frustration with the lengthy sign-up process, often abandoning it midway due to time constraints or complexity.

2. Stakeholder Input

Stakeholders confirmed that not all information collected in the previous flow was essential for the core functionality of the platform.

3. Competitive Analysis

Evaluation of similar platforms revealed that shorter sign-up flows were more effective in attracting and retaining users.

Design Approach

  • Information Prioritization: Identified and prioritized essential information required for the artist-to-theater matching feature.
  • Streamlined Steps: Reduced the sign-up flow from 13 steps to 5, eliminating unnecessary fields and consolidating related information.
  • Progress Indicators: Implemented progress indicators to inform users of their position within the sign-up process, reducing uncertainty and enhancing transparency.
  • Clear Calls-to-Action: Utilized concise and action-oriented language for buttons and prompts to guide users through the sign-up flow efficiently.
  • User Testing: Conducted iterative user testing sessions to gather feedback and make adjustments to the redesigned flow.

Redesigned Sign Up Flow

1. Where do you Perform?

  • Users are asked where they usually perform while working in theatre - on stage, off stage, or both.

2. Let's get started?

  • Collect minimal yet essential information such as name, email, and password.

3. Let's Talk Privacy

  • Users must agree with the terms and privacy policy before continuing the sign up flow.

4. Let's Get some Details

  • Prompt users to provide additional details crucial for artist-to-theater matching, such as artistic medium, experience level, and preferred genres.

5. Put a Face to the Name

  • Users are asked to upload a picture of themselves

6. Artist Profile

  • Users can fill the rest of their profile, which will increase their chances of getting casted. 

Ongoing Development and Future User Testing:

The redesigned user sign-up flows are currently in the production phase. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have planned user testing sessions once the development is complete. This strategic approach aims to gain valuable insights into users' thoughts and actions during the sign-up process, providing a comprehensive understanding of their experience. The feedback obtained from these user testing sessions will play a pivotal role in refining and enhancing the sign-up flow further, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with user expectations and preferences. This iterative testing process is integral to our user-centric design philosophy, allowing us to deliver a highly optimized and user-friendly onboarding experience for theatre companies and artists alike.


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